In 2019, the International Labour Organization (ILO) celebrates its 100th anniversary. Learn more >

The ILO 24-Hour Global Tour

On 11 April 2019, a day-long series of events spanning four continents marked the ILO's 100th anniversary. Relive the celebrations and watch the highlights here.

The day's events

Event highlights

Fiji (5387 views)

A traditional Pacific welcome to the ILO Centenary celebrations

Manila (1651 views)

Philippines: 100 years, 100 voices; one path to decent work

Beijing (999 views)

Joint Efforts for a Shared Future of Work

Bangkok (1044 views)

A new partnership for Decent Work in Thailand

Dhaka (1233 views)

The Future of Work in Bangladesh: Challenges and Opportunities

Colombo (1368 views)

Island vignettes

New Delhi (957 views)

Indian youth speak out on work

Pretoria (1256 views)

100 years of fighting for social justice in South Africa

Antananarivo (1206 views)

Spotlight on child labour and youth in Madagascar.

Moscow (1360 views)

Social justice and decent jobs for all

Amman (1142 views)

A mosaic for social justice in Jordan

Beirut (1164 views)

A musical celebration in Beirut

Cairo (2422 views)

Song in the shadow of the Pyramids

Kyiv (1483 views)

Voices of change—a talk show on ILO in Ukraine

Turin (1669 views)

Hackathon for the future of learning and Work

Geneva (1486 views)

ILO Director-General debates the future of work

Brussels (1046 views)

A youth-focused future of work in Europe

Abidjan (1453 views)

Abidjan:100 cheers for social justice

Salvador (3201 views)

A star-studded Brazilian tribute to the ILO

Buenos Aires (1434 views)

Tango and testimonials for decent work in Argentina

Philadelphia (809 views)

An equitable and sustainable future of work

New York (993 views)

UN leaders in conversation

Mexico City (967 views)

Art and song for the ILO in Mexico

Lima (1428 views)

A visual feast of decent work

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